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Talking Deadly: From Cuba to Closing the Gap with Professor Jack Beetson

Indigenous Services’ speaker series Talking Deadly: Indigenous Voices at the Library is back this year with an exciting line up of academics, educators, animators and knowledge keepers, each shining a spotlight on contemporary Indigenous Australia.  

Kicking off the first event of 2018 was Professor Jack Beetson, Executive Director, Literacy for Life Foundation, and a Ngemba man with extensive experience in adult education and training, sustainable community development and Indigenous and human rights education. Professor Beetson is an adjunct Professor at the University of New England and one of only 12 people worldwide to have received a United Nations Unsung Hero Award. Professor Beetson is Chair of the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council Economic Development Advisory Committee, a Board member of Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA) and regularly undertakes advisory work for government. In the past he has served as the Australian Chair of the Pacific Association of Non-Government Organisations.

Professor Beetson shared with the audience his remarkable life journey, which sparked an ongoing interest in adult education and improving literacy outcomes for Aboriginal people, which he believes is vital in ‘Closing the Gap’. He discussed the work of the Literacy for Life Foundation and the organisation’s innovative adult literacy campaign, which is defying the odds in Aboriginal communities and delivering real change. Professor Beetson emphasised that importantly, the program is community driven, and this is key to its success. Learn more about this groundbreaking work on the Literacy for Life Foundation website.

We were honoured to have the great Professor Jack Beetson join us for Talking Deadly! Be sure to come along to the next event, Talking Deadly: My Grandmother’s Lingo with Jake Duczynski as he discusses the making of My Grandmother’s Lingo, a Walkley Award-winning animation revitalising Marra language.

Professor Jack Beetson smiling

Professor Jack Beetson.