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Two Japanese maps of Australia published in Japan, 1943

 Recently purchased for the Library's Map collections are these two Japanese maps of Australia, both published in 1943. The content is exclusively in Japanese. The first is a map of the entire continent of Australia, at the scale 1 : 750 000 (transliterated title: Hyo¯jun Dai to¯a bunzu. O¯sutorariya zenzu


The second shows the eastern half of Australia, at the scale 1 : 500 000 (transliterated title: Dai to¯a bunzu. O¯sutorariya to¯bu).

They were published as part of a series entitled Serizawa, Keigo. Hyojun Daitoa bunzu (Standard maps of greater east Asia). Both maps are elaborately coloured. They contain the names of many Australian cities, towns and other geographic features in Japanese.

Andy Carr