Weemala project

The State Library of NSW has launched an exciting new interactive experiment that uses 100 year-old survey data to map the location and meaning of Indigenous Australian place names across the country. The project is called Weemala - meaning ‘a big lookout’ in the Sydney language.

Weemala was developed by Chris McDowall and was created by utilising data derived Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia (RASA), 1899 – 1903 survey forms. This data was curated by Marc Smith, a student of Master of Arts in Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Technology Sydney, who has been doing an internship with the Indigenous Services team for the last few months. 

Because of Marc’s work, the DX Lab and Chris McDowall have been able to make the Indigenous Language content in RASA survey forms more accessible and engaging.

Screenshoor of a map and manuscripts

Building Weemala - DXLab


Check out the Weemala project in the DXLab page.

To know more about Marc's story visit the Indigenous Services page or contact us to know more about Weemala and the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages project.