Welcome to our 2019 Fellows

The Library is pleased to welcome our 2019 Fellows who recently attended their induction into the Library.

Each year, Library Fellows help uncover new stories and offer fresh insight into our extensive collection of original and published materials. Our Fellows research activities this year demonstrate the breadth and depth of the Library's collections and the research interests that we are able to support. Some of our Fellows will explore unique Australian experiences within the universal themes of work, death, migration and friendship - while others are undertaking research which complements the significant partnership between the Library and Indigenous communities in NSW to rediscover and reinscribe Indigenous languages. 

Our Fellowship program is generously supported by a number of significant private benefactors, and we gratefully acknowledge their support.

Our 2019 Fellows are (from left to right): A group of men and women, our 2019 Fellows, standing in front of a bookcase.

Merewether Fellow - Dr Rebecca Hamilton: Conservation mapping: a case study of Sydney’s 19th century water reserves. This project will draw on historic data to try to determine the actual history of places now regarded as natural and historic landscapes. In part, she will test claims of ‘pristine’ environments thought to have escaped European development.

David Scott Mitchell Memorial Fellow - Dr Isobelle Barrett Meyering: Pipi Storm Theatre Company: A Cultural History of Children’s Rights. This project examines the growth of the idea of children’s rights from the 1970s through the Library’s extensive collections of papers of the Pipi Storm Theatre, which delivered theatre across NSW schools and welfare institutions.

Dr AM Hertzberg Fellow - Dr Elizabeth Humphrys: Pressed and strained: the lives of metal workers in the era of globalisation. This project will examine how changes to the metals industry, brought about by globalisation, has impacted on the lives of their largely blue-collar workforce.

CH Currey Fellow - Dr Ian Hoskins: Re-imagining the Pacific: exploring white Australian identification with its near neighbours. This project will examine the under-appreciated relationship of European Australia with the Pacific, prior to the independence movements of the 1970s.

Nancy Keesing Fellow - Dr Kate Forsyth: Charlotte Atkinson: Australia’s first children’s writer. This project will examine the life of her relative Charlotte Atkinson, who anonymously published the first children’s book written in Australia in the aftermath of great personal trauma, including poverty, domestic violence and custody battle.

Australian Religious History Fellow - Dr Stephen Jackson (not pictured): Sunday Morning Empire: Protestantism and Empire in the British World. This project considers how Protestant Sunday schools helped frame an imperial identity in the early part of the 20th century, across the Anglo-world, and Australia in particular. 

The Library’s Fellowship program has been providing research funding since 1974. Over one million dollars in scholarship support has been provided through the Fellowship program, providing an invaluable contribution to Australian culture, history and society. 

Applications for our 2020 Fellowships will open on 20 May 2019 and close 5pm, 15 July 2019.