Welcome to our 2021 Fellows

Each year, Library Fellows help uncover new stories and offer fresh insights into our extensive collection of original and published materials. Our Fellows’ research activities this year demonstrate the breadth and depth of the Library's collections and the research interests that we are able to support.

Our Fellowship program is generously supported by a number of significant private benefactors, and we gratefully acknowledge their support.

2021 Library Fellows

Our 2021 Fellows are (left to right):

Merewether Fellow – Dr John Zubrzycki: Circus to Shakespeare: Australian popular culture in Asia, c.1850-1910. This project will consider the role that popular culture played in forging Australia’s early links with Asia and how, as early as the 1850s, popular entertainers of increasingly diverse descriptions departed Australia's shores to tour South and South East Asia.

Australian Religious History Fellow – Dr Jan Lanicek: The Holocaust as an Australian Story: An intimate history. This project will explore the connections between the Australian population and the Holocaust and its aftermath, between 1933 and 1954, with a focus on how refugees brought different faith practices to Australia, and also how Christian faiths responded to their plight.

David Scott Mitchell Memorial Fellow – Matthew Devine: Ted Farmer: Architect, facilitator, bureaucrat. This project focuses on NSW Government Architect Ted Farmer (1909-2001) who had a major influence on architectural design and debate across Australia during his tenure from 1958 to 1973.

Ross Steele Fellow – Professor Robert Phiddian: A Major Study of Editorial Cartoons, 1918-50. This project will explore the State Library’s extensive collections of cartoons from the first part of the 20th century, with a specific focus on the under-explored editorial cartoon collection.

Nancy Keesing Fellow – Dr Scott McKinnon: Lobbying for Law Reform: The campaign to decriminalise male homosexuality in New South Wales, 1980-84. This project will investigate the campaign to decriminalise male homosexuality in NSW, particularly focusing on the work of the Gay Rights Lobby, an activist group founded in 1980.

Dr AM Hertzberg Fellow – Dr Lisa Murray: "Here's Too'ee": The breweries and pub culture in New South Wales, 1880-1980. This project will focus on the second major brewer in NSW – Tooheys – investigating its control of manufacturing and retail sales and its influence on pub culture in NSW.

CH Currey Fellow (not pictured) – Dr Alexandra Roginski: Between Pleasure and Productivity: A history of self-improvement from phrenology to physical culture. This project will investigate late 19th and early 20th century self-improvement practices to consider how such practices and ideas reflect the aspirations of their time.

The Library’s Fellowship program has been providing research funding since 1974. Over one million dollars in scholarship support has been provided through the Fellowship program, providing an invaluable contribution to Australian culture, history and society. 

Applications for our 2022 Fellowships will open on 17 May 2021.

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