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What's New for Term 3?


Welcome back for Term 3! 


Get ready to tackle the busy term ahead with the Library’s new learning resources, free tours and hands on excursions. Here’s what we have on offer:

Free tours of our new Living Language exhibition

Did you know that 2019 is  UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages? An important exhibition opened during the holidays and it is a ‘must see’ for K-12 students and teachers. Living Language: Country, Culture, Community celebrates the resilience of Aboriginal languages and features original documents and interviews with language custodians on Country. We invite you to bring your class FREE of charge to enjoy an interactive tour of the exhibition with one of our educators and explore the richness and diversity of Aboriginal languages.  

Reach Out! Professional learning workshops with Library educators

Are you searching for high quality free NESA endorsed professional learning? Look no further. A State Library educator will come to your professional learning event and present a Reach Out! workshop exploring the wealth of new resources available on our website. All learning resources are based on the NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum and we are constantly adding to the mix. 

New World War I learning activities and hands on excursions

Speaking of the website – have you seen the new learning activities around WWI and the changes to our WWI website? The Library collections are now much easier to navigate. Stories have also been reorganised and it is now easy to explore topics such as ExplorationAboriginal Australians or Art and Design

a collection of WWI artefacts

With help from a spectacular Sydney University intern, who just happens to be a WWI buff, we have developed an onsite excursion for Stage 5 Year 9 History students. Hands on World War I is a white gloves experience for students to learn how to handle and analyse authentic artefacts and manuscripts from the First World War. Students will develop the skills of historical inquiry as they solve an intriguing history mystery. This onsite excursion will take place in the beautiful new John B Fairfax Learning Centre and is available on demand.

To find out more visit our website or give us a call on 9273 1778.