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Work Placement at the State Library




A world leading library, the State Library of NSW informs, educates, inspires and surprises online, onsite and on tour.

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My 10 day placement was amazing and valuable as I explored the Library vision outlined above. I have been able to make connection with and tap into the immensely valuable skills and knowledge of a variety of teams across the library. Specifically, I felt privileged to be accepted as a knowledgeable professional by the Learning Services team. This made for reciprocal learning and support as I took part in developing new learning programs from the coming year for onsite learning and website learning. I also supported and interacted in current programs and sat in on the development meetings for new learning spaces and programs. Being an active member of the Learning Services team gave me an opportunity to explore, create and learn about the resources available in the library and use them to design learning materials relevant for primary aged students. I have already taken these learning opportunities back to my school.

This experience has provided a link between myself, my school and the State Library where I know I could ring the Learning Services team to ask for resources, support and even learning opportunities. I also look forward to providing more connected learning experiences for both staff and students from the resources available from the SLNSW.

I have gained so much and I am promoting the thousands of wonderful free resources and sharing them and my experience not only at my school, but with the wider learning community in my area. I have also begun a series of in services for staff on the benefits of using the SLNSW as a teaching and learning tool. I have now begun creating quality teaching resources, lists and pathfinders to assist teachers to efficiently access the resources from the SLNSW.

In my eyes SLNSW’s vision statement was successful for me . It did inform, inspire, educate and surprise me everyday, helping me to return to my small school feeling empowered to impart my experience to the teachers and students alike.

It was a shame that my time with this team had to end. I would like to express my gratitude and extend a huge thank you to the Learning Services team whose enthusiasm, commitment and love for learning is contagious and inspiring. I look forward to seeing many more great connections between the State Library and schools in the future.

Sophie Partington