At Work & Play - Images of Rural Life in...

At Work & Play - Images of Rural Life in NSW: 1880-1940

Rams at “Wanganella” Estate (part of Boonoke) - Deniliquin, NSW, 1930

At Work & Play is a collection of 7000 photographs documenting rural life in NSW between 1880 – 1940.

Funded by the NSW Bicentennial Council in 1988, the State Library of NSW toured 24 towns in regional NSW inviting members of the public to donate copies of photographs. Project co-ordinator Alan Davies described the basic criterion as “Will this photograph be of interest to other Australians?”

Selection criteria included a pre 1940 date and a subject that could be identified.

The images are a great resource for family and local historians and help provide social context to an ancestor’s life.

Here are a selection of images from Deniliquin, a town in the Riverina region in southern NSW famous for wool growing.


Shearers coming to Boonoke shed on wagon - Deniliquin, NSW (n.d)


Staff of Elliott’s Riverine Brewery, George Street - Deniliquin, NSW, c1905


Staff of Burchfield’s motor dealership. Chevrolet in showroom window - Deniliquin, NSW, 1937


The Deniliquin Musical Society and Orchestra - Deniliquin, NSW, c1930


Tea party at the Johnston residence - Deniliquin, NSW, 1939

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