Heroic quest

American author and fisherman Zane Grey was a celebrity visitor to the NSW south coast in the 1930s.

CAMP turns 50!

Fifty years ago, on Saturday 19 September 1970, people around the country opened their newspapers to see something they hadn’t seen in print before.

Read all about it

Historical newspapers are a world of wonderful surprises — anywhere you land within them.

In the picture

Photojournalists brave war and crisis to tell their stories in the annual World Press Photo exhibition

Marcia AM Clark – Sydney socialite and photographer

Sydney socialite Marcia AM Clark had an ardent passion for photography and a love of fast sports cars.

Unearthing gems in our collection

A look at using features from our new catalogue preview to rediscover fascinating items from the Library's collections.

A quiet space to create

Andrew, who describes himself as ‘living displaced’, has always loved libraries – even as a child. 

June Marsden: celebrity astrologer and ufologist

Not long before the Covid-19 shutdown, a 1937 publicity photo of astrologer and radio broadcaster June Marsden came into the Library’s collection.

Improving the navigation of our collection hierarchies

A look at the research and design process undertaken by Library's DX Lab in building a better way to explore complex collection hierarchies.

Reflecting on Kamay

Capturing the contested landscape for our exhibition Eight Days in Kamay was eye-opening for a Library photographer.

What's old is new again

The Library has recently acquired a highly detailed world map, published in London in 1798.  

New architecture for a new catalogue

A look 'under the hood' at the technical foundation for our new catalogue experience.

Photographic artists’ books

Three limited-edition photographic artists’ books — Signs & wonders by Stephen Dupont and Jacques Menasche, Farewell Angelina by Anna D’Addario and Duende by Peter Lyssiotis — were recently added to the Library’s collection.

Adventures of Blue-eyed Patty

A small, ephemeral pamphlet is a superb addition to the Library’s rare books collection.

Australian sport collections

A Foundation donor’s generosity and passion have helped open up the Library’s sport collections to everyone.

The world turned upside down

A punchbowl made of silver is an unusual piece of tableware to commission for a three-year voyage in search of the elusive Great Southern Land.