Summer reads for children and young people

Here are some awesome stories for kids to enjoy during the long lazy days of summer.

Top summer reads for 2022

If catching up on a good book or two is on your ‘to do’ list this summer, check out these staff recommendations.

A global view

The artistry of centuries-old globes is only one aspect of their continuing allure.

Top gifts for the library lover in your life

Find something unique to give your library loving friends and family this Christmas.

Take 5 cats

Explore some of our favourite felines from the collection.

Celebrating 100 years of Little Obelia

In time for the Christmas present rush 100 years ago — in November 1921 — May Gibbs released her third and final full-length book featuring her trademark gumnut babies.

Happy 100th birthday Ginger!

Ginger Meggs, Australia’s longest running comic strip character and national icon, burst to life on 13 November 1921.

Kickstart your HSC history research

Do you know where to find all the information you need for HSC 2022?

HSC Society and Culture — Kickstart your project

Have you started thinking about HSC 2022? Here's some tips to start your PIP

Distant peaks

Of the thousands of maps in the State Library’s collection, Aaron Arrowsmith’s Chart of the Pacific Ocean is one of the most fascinating.

Take 5 bird artists

Discover some of our favourite bird artists from the collection. 

2022 Fellows announced

Each year, Library Fellows help uncover new stories and offer fresh insights into our extensive collections. 

Love in the Library

Read all about the sweet story of a couple: over 40 years of romance, told through more than 200 greeting cards.

Sex and censorship all at sea

In 1946, decades before Banned Books Week (26 September – 2 October) was launched, Robert S Close’s Love Me Sailor was ruled obscene and its author jailed.

Where is that ancestor?

Do you have an elusive ancestor? Here's five tips to save you time in looking for those elusive records.

Maps for family historians

Ever considered using maps to get to know your ancestors?