Researching the Pacific: The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau

We asked Kari James, Executive Officer of the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, to answer some of your questions about the history, significance and future plans of this collection.

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Cook commemoration sparks 1970 protest

On 29 April 1970 protestors marched through Sydney's CBD before making their way to La Perouse. 

Q&A with Tara June Winch

Tara June Winch's profound novel The Yield has won three NSW Premier's Literary Awards prizes this year. 

Faces in the street

Three decades of veterans and spectators at Sydney’s Anzac Day marches are captured in a recently acquired photography collection.

Top books to read at home

Looking for reading inspiration? Our librarians have suggested some top tips from the Library's ebook collections.

The making of Slater's Field Guide to Australian Birds

The Library has recently acquired the archive of Peter Slater - one of Australia’s best-known ornithologists.

Managing social isolation during COVID-19

Alcohol, drugs and your health during COVID-19 (coronavirus) 

Drug and alcohol issues for young people

What is a hangover? How long does it take to sober up? What kind of damage do inhalants do to the body and the brain? What is mobile drug testing?

Legal issues for young people

What do you need to do if you crash your car? What legal rights do young people have? What happens if you don’t pay a fine? Do you have to show ID to police? 

COVID-19 collecting drive

We are collecting posters, flyers and mail-outs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drawing the Library: Wendy Sharpe artists' books 2017-2018

Artist Wendy Sharpe completed her residency at the Library and created 13 unique artists' books as part of the Drawing in the Library program. 

It's only rock’n’roll… but I like it

The Library has added 61 new photographs of New South Wales–based musicians by Wendy McDougall to our catalogue.

Using Artificial Intelligence to describe our collections

A look at how we've used machine learning technology to tag our digital collections to make them easier to search, browse and uncover.

Portraits of women in the collection

This NSW Women's Week (2–8 March) we're showcasing  portraits and stories of 10 significant women from the Library's Paintings from the Collection exhibition.

Q&A with ‘Gather’ artist Jake Duczynski

Jake's work explores Aboriginal culture through animation and storytelling.