The Children’s Library

The Children’s Library is a space for children and families to explore children’s books and experience the joy of reading.  It’s a place to browse an engaging collection of some of the best children’s and youth literature from Australia and the world.

When you visit

Younger readers can explore the maze-like space created for them, while enjoying their new favourite stories.  
•    You will find a range of books for suitable for younger readers up to the age of 16. 
•    The books stay in the Children’s Library, so they are available for anyone to read when they visit.
•    You don’t need a library card to browse these books. 
•    Families are welcome to keep bags and prams with them in the Children’s Library.
•    You can eat and drink in the Verandah area, which is outside the reading room, or on ground level. 


The Children’s Library is on Lower Ground 1 in the Macquarie Street building.


The Children's Library launched on the Library's Open Day, Saturday 12 October 2019.   The space was designed for families, children, scholars and children’s authors alike to nurture curiosity and a love of reading.

The Children's Library Appeal was the most successful public fundraising appeal in the Foundation’s history. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we raised over $480,000 for this important project.

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