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3rd Test ~ Jan. 14, 1933 (2nd day broadcasting)1932-1933

by Gillette Safety Razor Company

January 14th. 1933. 2nd. day Broadcasting.
22 adelaideoval 124 14 1525

scoring steady paynter 50 118 minutes 6/4 verity strong defence straight bat bowling accurate oreilly missed verity 16, second slip ironmonger paynter leghit four oreilly partnership 50/75 minutes verity becoming aggressive squarecut four paynter 2/4 grimmett 300 370 minutes lunch 7/315 paynter 72 verity 35 post lunch runs slowly paynter caught leg pulling rising ball 185 minutes 9/4 partnership 96 133 minutes verity caught square leg innings closed 3/12 cool fine perfect 40000 start paynter fingleton wall 77 8/324 verity richardson wall 45 voce wall eight larwood three extras 15 total 341 wall 34/1 10 72 five oreilly 50 19 82 two ironmonger 20 six 50 one grimmett 28 six 94 two mccabe 14 three 28 nil oreilly four noballs wall three + fingleton woodfull opened bowling larwood allen fingleton bad stroke caught short stop sensation larwood off field struck woodfull over heart second over crowd hooted third over larwood six men onside bradman shortleg allen + mccabe off handle caught shortleg voce three men close in leg bowling leg theory woodfull constant pain rubbing breast