Anecdotes concerning Sunday schools in Parramatta... by Thomas Hassall

2yr of Report London May 1818 Dear Sir Your Reports have stated the establishment of Sunday Schools in New South Wales accordingly to your desire. I beg leave to state two or three occurrences that took place during the time I had the pleasure of being engaged in that important & beneficial work – Trusting you will have the kindness to correct any error that may appear in the following account I remain Dear Sir Your Affectionate Brother & friend TH About febry or March 1818 one of the Girls was taken ill and violently afflicted with fits. I often visited and talked with her and she attributed that peace of mind and comfort which she enjoyed under her affliction to the salutary instructions received in the Sunday School and she could not help expressing her thankfulness that she had ever been a Sunday School Girl – Language fails, when I strive to record the sensations of my soul heart upon the affecting occasion – especially (indecipherable) I am to See the good old Soldier, (her Father) her affectionate mother, and two dear Sisters bending over her bed expecting each struggle to be the last – Twas pleasing however to behold her patience & resignation and particularly when the violence of the spasm was past, and nature resuming its functions; at these times her heart o’er flow’d with gratitude and her mouth uttered the praises of God in a train of scripture language that made the beholders weep afresh for you and pray that