Anonymous - 'A Boundary Rider' by 'Back Blocker', ca. 1898, together with an introductory paragraph in the hand of J. F. Archibald - p2ca. 1898

by Anonymous

to [creak] its long arms when next year’s drought is due. With the last March rains its work was done for this Summer & now it stands unused, ghostly & silent. I often think waiting for the day when the Boss will find me hanging from its beams, Mad from the terrible solitude of the plains. To the left is the horse-paddock & yards, knocked up out of Box Limbs, where every morning I throw the old bush saddle, its seat polished with constant riding (wholly innocent [not shinning from the use] of soft soap or a groom’s elbow grease). With its single girth & [crusty] irons on the old stock horse. No surcingles, breastplates or cruppery wanted in this cursed country. No hills, nothing only Plains, Saltbush & sheep. Good sheep country the Boss calls it, he’s right, but Oh Lord! did he [ride]ever live 12 months by himself on it. One day follows