Anonymous - 'A Boundary Rider' by 'Back Blocker', ca. 1898, together with an introductory paragraph in the hand of J. F. Archibald - p5ca. 1898

by Anonymous

with their little turned up [rimmissed] cad hats, [&] red coloured chequed (sic) coats, [tight] bandy legs & [with] [a] fox-terrier following behind. They are looking for lamb-catching, Brooms, or Baskets at the sheds. Useless devils with their cigarettes & [head-Binds];  All sorts and conditions appear at this time, sexes too. I have seen women with their husbands carrying their swag Out Back, the same will ever be, as long as the Squatter gives a ‘pint of [_ust] & a bit of meat at sundown’ 
Well by the time I get back the billy is boiled, & with some Tea, Bread & Brownie & salt jumbuck I make my breakfast. I can’t fry chops, have none, ate them all while fresh & then for the remainder of the fortnight I have ‘drowned’ mutton, sometimes hot , sometimes cold. Covering the fire over with ashes, I spring Old Snip (my dog) and start away for [     sons] South [Path  ]  – Walk, walk, walk, after a few miles are done. On a hot day I fall into a day dream