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Anonymous - 'A Boundary Rider' by 'Back Blocker', ca. 1898, together with an introductory paragraph in the hand of J. F. Archibald - p1ca. 1898

by Anonymous

A Boundary Rider: By a Back Blocker
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Times being hard I had to take the billet of Boundary Riding and live in a Pine [Slab] Hut on the edges of an Extinct Box Swamp, one oasis of shade in the Saltbush plain, Saltbush to the North, Saltbush to the East, West & South everlasting sombre leaved Saltbush. 
My hut is divided by a hessian partition, one side my Boudoir, the other my reception dining and Drawing Room. 
My Boudoir furniture consists of a Bunk made out of Rabbit Proof Wire Netting, and a table [one of those “essentially chic” tables that society ladies like to have in their Drawing Rooms, the same, in that you dare not move it or the legs fall out, but slightly different in contour, make etc. The aforsaid table having flowers painted on their varnished surfaces] its top beautifully decorated [mine painted] with drops from a 40 candle power slush lamp. On the right of my dwelling stands the whim, old? Yes, 25 years old, unacquainted with modern improvements - of any kind but with it various mends, it will be able