Circular to the Members of the Faith of Israel.1839


At a Special General Meeting, held in the Sydney Synagogue Chambers, on SUNDAY, 15th September, MR. ISAAC SIMMONS, President of the Sydney Synagogue, in the Chair;

It was unanimously resolved–

That a subscription be entered into for the erection of a New Synagogue; and the following Gentlemen were appointed to act as Officers and Committee to carry the same into effect, under the denomination of “The Building Committee:”–

Honorary Secretary.

List of Subscribers to the projected New Synagogue:

[subscriptions expressed in pounds, shillings and pence]
Mr. A. Polack    150/0/0
Mrs. A. Polack      75/0/0
Miss Sarah Polack            75/0/0 
Master Solomon Polack    50/0/0
Master Isaac Polack     50/0/0 
Mr. Isaac Simmons   100/0/0
Mrs. Simmons        25/0/0
Master James Simmons    10/0/0
Master Barnett Simmons     10/0/0
Mr. Moses Joseph     75/0/0
Mrs. Moses Joseph     25/0/0
Master Hyam Joseph     25/0/0
Mr. Joseph Joseph, senior    20/0/0
Mrs. Joseph Joseph     20/0/0
Mr. Lewis Joseph       5/0/0
Mr. Vaiben Solomon   100/0/0
Mrs. Vaiben Solomon     10/0/0
Master David Solomon       5/0/0
Master Abraham Solomon      5/0/0
Master Saul Solomon       5/0/0
Master Moses Solomon      5/0/0
Master Edward Solomon      5/0/0
Miss Elizabeth Solomon      5/0/0
Mr. S. M. Solomon     25/0/0
Mrs. S. M. Solomon       5/0/0
Miss Elizabeth Solomon      5/0/0
Mrs. Judah Solomon     10/0/0
Mr. Isaac Solomon, Adelaide    10/0/0
Mr. Emanuel Solomon, Adelaide   20/0/0
Mr. Phillip Solomon     20/0/0
Mrs. Phillip Solomon       5/0/0
Mr. Abraham Moses     25/0/0
Mrs. Abraham Moses       5/0/0
Master Jacob Moses       5/0/0
Miss Julia Moses       5/0/0
Mr. Joseph Moses, senior    20/0/0
Mr. Isaac Moses      20/0/0
Mrs. Isaac Moses       5/0/0
Mr. Samuel Benjamin     25/0/0
Mrs. Samuel Benjamin       5/0/0
Mr. E. Phillips      20/0/0 
Mrs. E. Phillips        5/0/0
Mr. John Jacobs and Daughter   30/0/0
Mr. John Isaacs      26/5/0
Mrs. John Isaacs     15/0/0
Mr. C. Zadock      10/0/0
Mr. Abraham Elias     50/0/0
Mr. Hyam Elias, Parramatta    10/0/0
Mr. David Newton     10/0/0 
Mr. Simon Lear      15/0/0
Mr. George M. Moss     15/0/0
Mr. Joseph Simmons       20/0/0
Mr. Israel Solomons      20/0/0
Mr. John Solomon     25/0/0
Mr. John Lazar      21/0/0
Mrs. John Lazar        5/0/0
Mr. Moses Rochats, of Windsor   10/0/0
Mr. Lewis Cohen     10/0/0
Mr. Joseph Hyams       5/0/0
Mr. Lewis Barnett     20/0/0
Mr. A. Moses, George-street      5/0/0
Mr. S. H. Benjamin     10/0/0
Mr. Israel Myers      20/0/0
Mr. Solomon Folk     10/0/0
Mrs. Solomon Folk       5/0/0
Mr. Raphael Benjamin      10/0/0
Mrs. Raphael Benjamin       5/0/0
Mr. Emanuel Myers       5/0/0
Mr. James Simeon       6/0/0
Mr. B. A. Phillips and Family    15/0/0
Mr. A. Cohen      15/0/0
Mr. H. J. Cohen      21/0/0
Mr. Michael Cashmere     7/10/0
Mr. Bertram Nathan       5/0/0
Mr. Joseph Fonseco       5/0/0
Mr. Samuel Cohen, Maitland    10/0/0
Mr. Isaac Solomon, of Launceston   10/0/0
Mr. David Moses and Son, of London, per Mr. S. Benjamin 10/0/0
Mr. Phillip Joseph     20/0/0
Mr. Henry Moses, of London, per Mr. Moses Joseph 10/0/0
Mr. Abraham Levy     10/0/0
Mr. John Barnett      10/0/0
Master Lewis Barnett       5/0/0
Mr. Joseph Aarons      50/0/0
Mrs. Joseph Aarons      10/0/0
Miss Sarah Aarons       5/0/0
Miss Rebecca Aarons       5/0/0
Miss Louisa Aarons       5/0/0
Mr. Henry Aarons        5/0/0
Mr. Joseph Aarons        5/0/0
Mr. Samuel Lyons     50/0/0
Mr. Edward Lee and Family    21/0/0
Mr. Samuel Solomon      15/0/0
Mrs. Samuel Solomon        5/0/0
Master Lewis Solomon       5/0/0
Master Benjamin Solomon      5/0/0
Master William Solomon      5/0/0
Mr. Solomon Phillips, Parramatta   10/0/0
Mrs. Solomon Phillips       5/0/0
Mrs. R. Phillips            5/0/0
Mr. Abraham Lyons     25/0/0
Mr. Saul Lyons      25/0/0
Mr. Samuel Emanuel     20/0/0
Mrs. Samuel Emanuel       5/0/0
Mr. Samuel Levy, Maitland    10/0/0
Mr. Solomon Davis       5/0/0
Mr. Phillip Joseph Cohen, Maitland    20/0/0
Mr. Simeon J. Cohen, Black Creek    20/0/0
Mr. A. H. Hart, of Windsor    10/0/0
Mr. Isaac Hart, of Goulburn      5/0/0
Mr. A. Abrahams     25/0/0
Mrs. Abrahams      10/0/0
Miss Sarah Abrahams       5/0/0
Miss Caroline Abrahams      5/0/0
Miss Rachael Abrahams      5/0/0
Mr. J. Abrahams        5/0/0
Mr. P. D. Van Millingen       5/0/0
Mr. S. J. Raphael       5/0/0
Mr. Abraham Levy, George-street     5/0/0
Mr. Elias Elias      21/0/0
Mr. John Sullivan       5/0/0
Mr. Phillip Hart        5/0/0
Mrs. Hart         5/0/0
Miss Emilia Abrahams       5/0/0
Miss Rachael Abrahams      5/0/0
Mr. Hyam Jacobs       5/0/0
Mr. Joseph Levy, Berrima      5/0/0
Mrs. Rebecca Levy     10/0/0
Mr. Michael Cohen, Campbell Town      5/0/0
Mr. Michael Hyams, Wollongong    10/0/0
Mr. D. Poole      50/0/0

Printed by S. B. DOWSETT, “Australian” Office.