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‘Conference with the Natives’, Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser, p. 212 January 1830


A native Chief, of the name of Barabahn, has resided for a considerable time with the Rev. Mr. Threlkeld at Lake Macquarie, and by his intelligence and steady application has been of great service to Mr. T. in his endeavours to reduce the Aboriginal language to a grammatical form. Of the honourable proficiency which that gentleman has made in his arduous under-taking, he attributes no small share to the assistance afforded him by Barabahn; and having reported this to the GOVERNOR, HIS EXCELLENCY was pleaded to confer upon the Chief, in the presence of his numerous countrymen at Parramatta on Wednesday last, a badge of distinction, consisting of a brass plate bearing this inscription — ‘Barabahn, or Mac Gil, Chief of the Tribe at Bartalah, on Lake Macquarie ; a Reward for his assistance in reducing his Native Tongue to a written Language.’ In suspending this badge upon the breast of the Chief, His EXCELLENCY commended his laudable conduct, and expressed the pleasure he felt in thus rewarding it.