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David Prince of Alamongarindi [Brass breastplate]Between 1816 & 1930

Objects : 1 crescent-shaped brass breastplate, engraved, with hole at each apex ; 12.5 x 15.5 cm. - Engraved at left apex with the figure of an aboriginal man with spear in spear thrower raised in his right hand, and a tree branch before him in his left. This figure is depicted wearing a breastplate and knee breeches. The spear points in the direction of a kangaroo engraved on the right apex, which stands with head turned back toward the hunter. Grass is represented by short engraved lines at the base of both figures. The inscription is surrounded and divided by flourishes. An open eye surrounded by radiating lines appears in the centre of the inscription. To left and right of the inscription is a star represented by radiating lines arranged in eight points. A brass chain of 126 links, approx. 52 cm. long is attached by wire twisted through the hole at each apex. The chain is joined at the 57th link by a twist of wire.