Diary of Frank Hurley14 April 1916

by Frank Hurley

tidal current.  A WSW wind springing up enable us to hoist sail, & with the Stancombe Wills in tow, to “heave to” under full sail.  Everyone was parched with thirst, when it was remembered we had some frozen seal meat on board.  This was cut into small pieces &; eaten raw which allayed our thirst considerably.
As evening drew on the wind increased to a gale raising a big cross sea & taxing to the limit the exhausted capacities of the party.  Seas raked the boats & icy sprays hurled by the wind struck ones face like a whip.  The carpenter through exhaustion fell asleep at the tiller allowing a big sea to come onboard & Wild after an unbroken spell of 24 hours took his place.  I was given an 8 hour spell at the sheet & thanks to the freezing sprays was kept awake.  Several times we lost sight of the Wills which we were towing, thinking she had foundered when she would suddenly emerge from the blackness of the sea on a white crest as we would glide into a deep gulf.
I enjoyed the