Diary by a servant of the Scott family, 8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824 (written after 1825), with notes, 1832 / attributed to John Brown8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824, 1832

by John Brown
eyes fixed on me and watched me very closely in everything I done. I gave one of them the Tea Kettle and asked him to go to the River and fill it which he very readily done and I gave him a piece of Biscuit for his trouble, and then he began to talk and we got very good friends he told me his name was Mytie and he belonged to the Womby Tribe, about three OClock Mr Scott and Ben Davis returned with a fine large Kangaroo which they had shot where they found me and my new Acquaintances very busy among the trees diging Yams, we asked Ben Davis if he knew Mytie and he said he did and that he was a very good fellow and we soon got very good friends, we remained here three days and the Blacks supplyed us with plenty of fish from the River, and we spent our time very pleasantly and the Blacks amused us very much with their Spears for we stuck a Biscuit on the top of a stick and made them