Diary by a servant of the Scott family, 8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824 (written after 1825), with notes, 1832 / attributed to John Brown8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824, 1832

by John Brown
stand at a distance and throw their Spears at them and them that hit it had it , and in short time they would have got all the Biscuits we had if we had not left off for it was no trouble to them to hit them for they could do it three times out of five at fourty yards distance with ease. As Mr Scott had fixed on a place to settle on about two miles from Patrick plains we set of early in the Morning back towards Wallis’s Plains where we arrived in two days and then went down the River to the settlement where we found the Eclipse and the next morning we made sail for Sydney, where we arrived on the following morning and went to our old Lodgings in Castlereigh Street.