Diary by a servant of the Scott family, 8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824 (written after 1825), with notes, 1832 / attributed to John Brown8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824, 1832

by John Brown
Spanish Dollars for my passage, which was all the money I had with me except half a Dollar, and the Vessel was to be three days before it saild so that I was forced to make the most of it for to buy food and at nights I went and slept in the Bush behind the Prison with some of the Blacks for three nights and in the daytime I walked about to see the place but the time seemed very long, for I did not know any one, when the Vessel was ready I went on board the wind being fair we run from the Coal River to Sydney which is sixty miles in nine hours. And I went to lodge at the old Washerwoman in York Street Sydney, when I began to enquire for a ship and I found there was two Ship in Port Jackson fitting out for England, the Tiger, and the Berwick I then went and spoke to Mr Owen the Agent of the Ship Berwick who was a particular acquaintance of Mr Scott and knew me, and he