[Elizabeth Macquarie, ca. 1819 - watercolour on ivory miniature]ca. 1819

This portrait of Elizabeth Macquarie, along with two other miniatures of Macquarie family members (MIN 236 and MIN 238) were gifts from Lachlan Macquarie to Captain John Cliffe Watts, of the 46th Regiment, Macquaire's aide-de-camp from 1814-1819.
A note on the provenance of this miniature is filed at PXn 52.

The watercolour drawing is very similar in style and dress to a miniature portrait of Elizabeth Macquarie located at MIN 70.

This frame is similar to those used for the miniatures of Lachlan Macquarie (MIN 236) and Lachlan Macquarie Junior (MIN 238).

This item has been digitised as part of the Nelson Meers Foundation Benefaction, 2002.