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Fanny Shorter diary of her voyage as an unmarried immigrant on the ship S. S. Duke of Buccleuch from Plymouth to Brisbane, 3 April-28 June 18843 April-28 June 1884

by Fanny Shorter

sick but were better. Whillie had been very sick.

We are all getting pretty well now. We are only 32 single women, a very agreeable company. I am captain of No. 5 mess. I have to get up at 6 o'clock, give out the watercan for the constable to fill for us. We all have to wash and get out on deck about 8 o'clock. Then comes breakfast. I have to put the things on the table. We had porridge and treacle this morning - very nice, but I could not eat it. Jessie has eaten nothing. We are waiting an opportunity to get some cocoa meade. We get coffee for breakfast and tea at night.

We are divided on deck from the married people by a wooden fence, and a constable stands by the gate to see that no one talks