Fanny Shorter diary of her voyage as an unmarried immigrant on the ship S. S. Duke of Buccleuch from Plymouth to Brisbane, 3 April-28 June 18843 April-28 June 1884

by Fanny Shorter


Saturday, April 5, 1884
Could not write yesterday. It rained all day - did not get on deck at all. It was very rough all day and all night. We are still rocking about but expect to be taken to port by tonight.

Matron says we shall have to go to another ship. It will make our voyage the longer but will cost us no more.

We felt very anxious last night. We drifted very near a rock. We are still near it. We can make out a flag flying on it, but do not know what rock it is. We are off the coast of Portugal.

We had to hold on with our hands yesterday to keep up. Several of the girls had bad falls. Jessie was one. We slipped off the benches one after the other on the floor. I did not undress last night it was so rough. We have had a steamer standing