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George Wyndham - diary, 1830-18401830-1840

by Wyndham, George, 1801-1870

February 1835.
Feb.3. Boy born at 5 P.M. Francis
S.8. Some rain in showers.
9.M. Began my vintage. Filled the pipe with must of the Black Cluster.
10.T. No appearance of fermentation.
11 W. A.M. a froth rising - P.M. a head forming thick, and a vinous smell.
12.Th. Fermenting strongly, on the 10th the temperature of [indecipherable] was 79 deg the 11th was a fair hot day of 90 deg and I took the blankets off the vat, to raise the tempr. Of [indecipherable]
3.F. Very hot 99 deg. Blankets on.
14.S. Very hot. P.M. a much more violent fermentation commenced, the froth broke through the head and filled up to running over the 4 or 5 inches to spare. Took off blankets but kept the head covered.
15.Sun. at 5 a.m. found the head had [indecipherable] and sweet taste gone and instead