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George Wyndham - diary, 1830-1840

by Wyndham, George, 1801-1870

"1835. March
No vegetables to eat this month.
1.Sun. Cool. W - S.
2.M. Mr. Markham arrived
4.W. Cold day. Gathered the last of the Black clusters. Filled pipe again. Must. 68 deg fermented with hulls
6.F. Discharged vat into a sulphured cask.
7.S. Working away
8.S. Quiet. Only bubbling.
9.M. Put it into the cellar.
11.W. Half filled the vat with the last of the Oportos skins & all. 70 deg. A rainy P.M. very light tho scarcely any maize raised this year. I have not a grain –
12 Th. Rain A.M.
13.F. Rain A.M. a good deal.
14.S. Rainy. Very little.
15.S. Rain. Very little. Cleared up
16.M. Fine again but we have rain enough for the present. Mushrooms
21.Sat. Grapes growing sweetly occasional showers to April 12. when a heavy hail storm with thunder now and then the land was too wet to plough yet the ground was not soaked below the furrow. It is too wet this day April 14 P.M. the hail storm and last night’s rain.

April 1st. Mary Smith begins walking."