George Wyndham - diary, 1830-1840

by Wyndham, George, 1801-1870

"May. 1835.
1.F. Begin wheat sowing. Frosts.
S.F. Frances Webber arrives. Beautiful cloudless weather. Riddell’s gardeners daughtr. Finished wheat saving in May.
No rain fell after April 12 till July 13 and 21 when a very little fell. Enough however to start a good deal of grain which had not vegetated but it came to nothing. The dry weather continued till Sept. 19 when we had thunderstorm and 2 hours rain which refreshed my wheat a little it had begun to turn white in many places and was indeed a melancholy prospect but on Sept. 29 came a splendid rain of 20 hours, which filled all the holes in the Lagoon and the wheat soon altered its appearance but that which had turned
white, never recovered. There is a little grain on it pretty good – a piece of sick ground which had long laid fallow has beautifull wheat on it. 30 bushels I should think.
In September 1835 I burnt off the hollow [indecipherable] and it is now nearly ploughed. Oct. 5. my seed wheat was my own very shrivelled stuff. ½ bushel to acre and no wheat could look better till the middle of August –
Oct. 5 Johnny’s and baby’s arms are happily rising. Vaccinated – the [indecipherable] in post with small pox. Ibises about. They preceded the rain a fortnight or 3 weeks.
Oct.9. See 4 white bodied Ibises at the Lagoon, they do not join the others.
12. Planting the hollow with maize 2 ploughs breaking up over the creek.
12.T. Hoe drills of wheat."