The Gold Commissioner’s station at Timbarra, New South Walesc 1870

by Louisa Green-Emmott

Louisa Green-Emmott arrived in Australia from England with her husband, George, and children in 1853. Louisa Green-Emmott was an amateur artist who also painted under her given names, Louisa Mary Sheridan. The family had added Emmott to their surname in 1851, after their Lancashire residence, Emmott Hall.

In 1859 George Green-Emmott was appointed magistrate and Sub-Gold Commissioner of the Timbarra goldfields. This work depicts the rudimentary official compound and settlement at the goldfield. The building in the centre foreground, surrounded by gardens is probably the Commissioner’s house.

The troopers with packhorse are likely to be the gold escort who travelled with the diggers to protect the gold leaving the settlement.