Harold Lasseter - Diary with fragments, 1930 - ca. 19311930-ca. 1931

by Harold Bell Lasseter, d 1931

eyes are still blurry & smart a good deal but are much better than last week. To my way of thinking this is the ninth day after the camels bolted & I hear they went north (Ilbilla way) so may reach the Mission in a couple of months Too late to benefit me. I may as well write finish to my life chapter it is only will power that is holding me up & that is dam poor sustenance 

If my feet were only tough but the irony of it is, that my feet are the tenderest part of my body. I leave my everlasting curse on Blakely & Jenkins, Blakely for not sending the relief as promised and Jenkins for [indecipherable] the Argerol Darling I want you to remember me as when we first met & not the scarecrow that I now am have shrunk still further & the flies & ants have nearly eaten my face