Hassall family - correspondence, Volume IV, 1811-18951811-1895

from this single circumstance I date my own poor exertions in the schools of the colony & their ultimate success to have arrisen- A very few months after my his death I removed to Parramatta the residue of my family where I began upon an humble scale another S S consisting of 6 or 7 Children two of whom were convicts- We rapidly encreased & in the course of a twelvemonth we numbered upwards of two hundred Children in our Para- school- which considering the class of people amongst whom we resided was a considerable number- Since my departure I have had the fact most pleasing intelligence from time to time & the last letter I received was from one of the little boys who first entered the school joined us at the first [indecipherable] in his letter after speaking of the attendance etc. he says “we have all a blessed opportunity of being brought to the knowledge of [indecipherable]” During a long passage of about ten months I was still endeavouring to employ myself in the same good work though there my opportunity circumstances were confined my school was small