Item 02: Blanche Mitchell diary, 28 January 1858-27 December 185828 January 1858-27 December 1858

Thursday 28th January 1858 Passed as usual, except two or three more quarrels with Jessie, which serve to make the time pass agreeably. Alice went to her drawing lesson. At five went to St Mark's to sing there, slept at the Bradley's. Friday 29th January Walked home at half past eight. Went to Mrs Logan's, from thence to Mrs Arnold's where we stayed an hour at German. I think, (but of course my opinion passes for nothing), that Mrs Arnold's pronunciation is very bad indeed, pronouncing Guegun as a hard 'g' and altogether just like English sounds. Alice went to her singing lesson. The Bradleys called in their carriage. Kate stayed about an hour there. I showed Minna and Alice all over the house. Were asked to go to Mrs Arnold's and take tea. Went there and danced till ten, when we came home. The girls were not nice girls, not being ladies, and their manners being rough, of course we don't like making friends with them, but they like making friends with us for there was a great kissing match at coming away. Heard that they have