Item 02: Blanche Mitchell diary, 28 January 1858-27 December 185828 January 1858-27 December 1858

a scholar there, a Miss Atkinson, authoress of Gertrude. Saturday 30th January Rose very late, and was seedy all day. Finished the second volume of Byron's life. Alice and Dickey played chess. Dickey went to see Mr Willie Stephen, secretary at Mr Cowper's office, and heard from him that the Clerk of Petty Sessions at Molong having sent in some time ago his resignation, on account of wishing one of his friends to get into his place, that friend giving him £100 per annum, that as Mr Cowper refused to let his friend have it, he refused to go away and wished to withdraw his resignation. This, Dickey heard some time ago, and it put him into very low spirits, but today Mr S. told him that the whole affair was laid before the Executive Council, and that he was certain the withdrawal would not be accepted. This piece of news has given Dickey great hopes, and he longs for Monday, when we can see Mr Cowper. Dickey read out of London Stages, The Dukes Men. I read The Critic by Sheridan when I can, but I have got so many books to read, and I never read more than one at a time, for it confounds