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Letter from David Unaipon to Dr Herbert Basedow, 21 April 1914, page 51914

by David Unaipon

Herbert Basedow - Papers, 1856-1932, 1941; with incidental papers of Professor Ralph Tate, 1879-1899


April 21 1914

Dr H. Basedow
City Chambers


I am an Australian aboriginal belong to the lower Murray and Lake Alexandria known as the Narringeri tribe: Born on the Point McLeay Mission Station.

The peculiarity of my birth was that being born between two great forces; Heathenism and Civilisation. I was educated under the teaching of Mr W. Hutley. I remember well some of the lessons he gave: This in particular, We are living in a wonderful age In which the world has made a wonderful progress in Commerce Science and Art what wonderful discoveries and inventions.

But he went on to say there are

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