Letter from Lachlan Macquarie to Samuel Marsden, 8 January 18188 January 1818

by Samuel Marsden
2nd. I therefore demand of you to inform me by whose order, and by what authority, you have dared to investigate, and take Depositions, respecting my Public Measures and Administration, as Governor in Chief of this Colony. I allude, Sir, to your late examination of the Public Executioner, Thomas Hughes, at the House of Robert Campbell Esq.r, relative to my ordering three men to be Punished some time ago for breaking into the Government Domain contrary to repeated Government Orders. Answer "That he did not consider that he had done anything wrong.- 3rd. I consider, Sir, that act of yours, not only as most insolent and impertinent as respects myself Personally; but also as highly insubordinate and seditious; in