Letter from Lachlan Macquarie to Samuel Marsden, 8 January 18188 January 1818

by Samuel Marsden
in question and transmitted Home the result thereof; I must thus Publickly warn you, that if ever you dare or presume again to interfere with, or investigate any part of my conduct, as Governor of this Colony, I shall consider it my indispensible duty as a measure of necessary precaution alike due to my own high station, the support of my authority, and the tranquility of the Country immediately to suspend you from the exercise of your Functions in your present offices, as a Clergyman and a Magistrate, until I report your conduct to H.R. Highness The Prince Regent. - 5th. Viewing you now, Sir, as the Head of a Seditious Low Cabal and consequently unworthy of mixing in Private Society or intercourse with me, I beg to inform you that I never wish to see you excepting on Public Duty; and I cannot help deeply lamenting, that, any man of your Sacred Profession should be so much lost to every good feeling of Justice, generosity and gratitude, as to manifest such deep rooted malice, rancour, hostility and vindictive opposition towards one who has never injured you but has, on the contrary, conferred several acts of kindness on both yourself and Family! L.M.