Mary Phoebe Broughton - Diary, 1839-18411839 - 1841

by Mary Phoebe Broughton
with Mr Scott, after which we went to the church, where Papa held a confirmation - we called on Mrs Wilton & visited the school - Mama, E & I, Mr Scott & Mr Spencer went over to the other side of the harbour by water in the afternoon. Many persons called whilst we were out. Mr Wilton and Mr Spencer dined with us. 15th A showery day - We left Newcastle in a large six oared boat with Captain Furlong, Mr Spencer & Mr Nagel, & a large party on other boats followed - We all landed at Ash Island, where we had luncheon under the verandah, soon after which we took our leave & were conveyed by water to Mr Scott's stables, where our carriage met us, & took us to a little inn near, to sleep - we were prevented from going on to Morpeth by the rain which continued all night. 16th Another showery day - We proceeded to Mr Rusden's at East Maitland, where we had luncheon, & then went on to Mr Close's at Morpeth - Mr Spence dined there. 17th Papa went over the West Maitland to hold a confirmation - Miss Grace Rusden, & Mrs Rusden called