Mary Phoebe Broughton - Diary, 1839-18411839 - 1841

by Mary Phoebe Broughton
5th Dr Campbell called - Mr & Mrs Boydell, Wm Boydell, Mama, E & I & Mr Lyon went in the afternoon to the water-fall where we had our dinner, & afterwards a delightful walk home in the cool of the evening - Emily had a letter from Louisa Macquoid. 6th A hot wind. Mr Townshend, Mr Glennie, Mr Fenwick, two Captain Champagne's (sic), & Mr goldfinch called. Emily wrote to Louisa Macquoid & sent it by Captain C. A delightful southerly breeze in the evening. 7th Mrs Wright's birthday 23 7th E & I & Wm Boydell & John Lyon rode over to Trevallyn to see Mrs Townshend. Mr L went on to Paterson & we returned without him - Mr Boydell went over to Glendon to fetch Papa. Mr Taylor & Mr Durbin called - Mr Hamon Massie & Mr Crowder came to dine & sleep at Camyr Allyn. 8th E & I & Mr Lyon & Wm Boydell rode over to Caergwyrle (sic) after breakfast - Mr Durbin & Mr Taylor called - had luncheon. Mr Townshend called & Mr Crowder called & Mrs T, Mary & Georgy - Mr H. Massie, Mr Arnold, Mr Crowder called - Mr Durbin & James Lyon dined with us - the latter slept here. Mr Boydell returned without Papa. 9th Sunday - A very hot day - Mr Boydell read prayers in the morning - James Lyon dined & slept at Camyr Allyn, his brother also being with us.