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Matthew Flinders - Journal on HMS 'Investigator', vol.2, 1802-18031801-1803


[Saturday] - 24th. [H.M.S. Investigator] Along the east coast of N. Holland
[Navigational data not transcribed]

Fresh breezes and fine weather with haze
Slanting in for the land, with the L. Nelson following us. At 4, So.most Brother S.46º.W. and a low steep point also, the latter dist. 4 miles. At 5h.30' came up with a point, consisting of irregular small hummocks: it bore N70º. to 32º.W. distant one mile. Wore offshore and desired the L. Nelson to keep near us during the night. 
   Strong breezes and squally. Under the top-sails standing back along the shore. Lost sight of the L. Nelson
   At 12, the No.most Brother, West. Wore ship and 3rd. reefed the topsails. Shewed lights and fired a gun. Lost a deep-sea lead and 30 fms.of line. On the ship lying in for the land, brought to. At 21/2, filled again At 6, wore ship, the point from which we tacked being dist. 3 miles. Made sail, and at 7, tacked in for the land. At 8, kept along shore: the brig not in sight. Passed near several projecting heads, between which are sandy beaches and low land. At 9h.55', a hummock [indecipherable words] rocky projection S44W. 11/4 mile [indecipherable word]
Noon, fresh breezes & fine, with haze. No.most brother S14W. nearest land, 2nd. humky. cape N50ºW 2 miles. A bight in the land N.39.W. Extreme N.14ºW.