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p.4 3rd day broadcasting cont. in Gillette Safety Razor Company - Cables and radio scripts concerning the 'bodyline' cricket series, 1932-1933 1932-1933

by Gillette Safety Razor Company

unserious returned field cheered oreilly swishing clean bowled wall clean bowled innings closed half past three + bowling larwood 25 six 55 three allen 23 four 71 four hammond 12/4 30 one voce 14 five 21 one verity 16 seven 31 nil + correct grimmett ten oldfield not resuming richardson keeping england second at 3/50 warners statement alleged unendorsed woodfull officials uncomment sutcliffe four jardine nil 0/4 four oclock + 
Jardine 12 sutcliffe obrien wall seven 1/7 wyatt 29 1/50 oldfield sent home ambulance 50/56 minutes obrien substitute magnificent running catch deep leg sutcliffe order changed wyatt next obrien cheered uproariously noble evening press writes heading preventable brutality declares jardine responsible vicious methods introduced incidents 14 wyatt 36 extras five 1/62 scoring slowest riskless 11/25 minutes crowd silent quarter past five + jardine 18 in 106 minutes wyatt 42 in 90 minutes extras seven 1/74 at 5/40 scoring monotonous 22/50 minutes batsmen blocking consistently crowd watching silent bowling frequently changed unavailingly +