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Page 54 - Log of the Proceedings of His Majestys Ship Bounty in a Voyage to the South Seas, (to take the Breadfruit plant from the Society Islands to the West Indies,) under the Command of Lieutenant William Bligh, 1 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 17881 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 1788


Page Title: Rems Tuesdy at Sea 28 April 1789 

[page 54]

Light Winds and cloudy Nr Wind NE-E & WE 
I kept near ogodoo untill 5 O'Clock this afternoon in hopes to have had some cannoes off but I saw none Therefore directed my course to the West & went to the Southward of Tofoa - Mr Sayer The Master had the first watch. Mr Pickover The Gunner the middle' and Mr Christian one of the Mates who I had given an acting order to' the Morning watch. - This was the tour of duty for the Night - But I am now unhappily to relate one of the most atrocious acts of Piracy ever committed. 
Just before Sunrise Mr Christian & The Master at Arms & several officers came into my cabbin while I was fast asleep' and seizing me tyed my hands with a Cord & threatened instant death if I made the least noise' I however' having a reverie' called sufficiently loud to alarm the officers' who found themselves equally secured by Centinels at their Doors - There were now three men at my Cabbin Door & four inside (a) - Mr Christian had a Cutlass & the others were armed with Musquets & Bayonets - I was now carried on Deck in my shirt' in torture with a severe bandage round my wrists behind my back' where I found no man to rescue to me. I ask'd The reason for such a violent act' but I was threatned to be put to death if I said a word. Mr Hayward & Hallet were in Mr Christian's watch' but had no idea that any thing was doing untill they were all armed - The Arms were all secured' so that no one could get near them for Centinels - Mr Elphinston The Mate was secured in his Hammock Mr Nelson & ' 

(a) Fletcher Christian - (a) Chas Churchill (a) Thos Burkitt' (a) Jno Mills - Alexander Smith Jno Sumner - Mathew Quintal assisted under Arms on the outside