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Page 55 - Log of the Proceedings of His Majestys Ship Bounty in a Voyage to the South Seas, (to take the Breadfruit plant from the Society Islands to the West Indies,) under the Command of Lieutenant William Bligh, 1 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 17881 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 1788


& Peckover in their Cabbins. The fore Hatchway guarded by Centinels through which the Boatswain and Carpenter were admitted on Deck where they saw me standing abaft the Mizen Mast with my hands tyed behind my back' under a Guard with Christian at their head - The Boatswain was now ordered to hoist the small cutter out' with a threat if he did not do it instantly to take care of himself:- but on a representation that this boat was very leaky he was directed to hoist the Launch out which was done. Mr Hayward and Hallet midshipmen and Mr Samuels Clerk were now ordered into the Boat' upon which I assumed my authority & demanded the cause of such an order' endeavouring to bring some one to a sense of his duty' but it was to no effect "Hold your tongue Sir or you are dead this Instant" was constantly repeated to me.
The Master by this time had sent to be allowed to come on deck and was permitted' and as soon was ordered back to his Cabbin again' where he returned. --
I continued to endeavor to change the Tide of Affairs when Christian changed the Cutlass he had in his hand for a Bayonet that was brought to him' and holding me with a strong grip by the Cord that tied my hands' he continued to threaten me with instant death if I did not be quiet.- The Villains round me had their pieces Cocked & Bayonets fixed' and particular People were now called on to go into the Boat' and were hurried over the side' and with those people I concluded of course I was to be set a drift' I therefore in making another effort to bring about a change expressed myself loudly in such a a manner' as to be saluted with "blow his Brains out"