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Page 59 - Log of the Proceedings of His Majestys Ship Bounty in a Voyage to the South Seas, (to take the Breadfruit plant from the Society Islands to the West Indies,) under the Command of Lieutenant William Bligh, 1 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 17881 Dec. 1787 - 22 Oct. 1788


and Mr Samuels my clerk who were confined to their Cabbins' were at liberty.- To the latter who got leave to quit his Cabbin I am indebted for securing my Journals' my commission and some material ship papers' also my uniforms and some cloaths without the former I had nothing to certify what I had done' and my honor and character would have been in the power of calumny' without a proper document to have defended it - All This was done with great resolution being guarded & strictly watched - He attempted to save the Time Keeper and my Maps & Drawings (b) for 15 years past which were numerous when he was hurried away with "damn your Eyes you are well off to get what you have".- (a) 
The Masters Cabbin was opposite to mine. He saw them in my Cabbin for our eyes met each other through his Door Window' and he had a pair of Ships Pistols loaded and Ammunition in his Cabbin. a firm resolution might have made a good use of them - These Pistols I had ordered for the use of the Officer of the Watch since the (c) 24th Jany and they were at first kept in the Binnacle' but upon consideration That there they might be stolen from thence' they were ever after kept in the Masters Cabbin. - After he had sent twice or thrice to Christian to be allowed to come on deck' he was at last permitted' and his question to Christian then was' will you let me remain in the Ship? - "No" - have you any objections Captn Bligh? - I whispered to him knock him down Martin is good' for this was just before Martin 
(a) I was frequently saluted with' "blow his brains out" There was not one however who had resolution to do it. 
(b) Among which were my original surveys of West Coast of America and the Sandwich & Friendly Islands done with Capt. Cook [then?] for 15 Years past 
(c) Publish orders issued this day. See order Book