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pg.3 in Sir Walter Allen - letters from George 'Gubby' Allen, 1932-33, 1936-371932-33, 1936-37

by Allen, Walter, Sir

a perfect swine and I can think of no word fit for him to see which describes him well enough. Plum simply hates the sight of him and so does everyone else. I have never had a scene with him in public but I have had one or two on the quiet of which not a soul knows: in fact we are thought to be good friends. Larwood & I bowled better on the Saturday night, when everyone said the wicket was dead easy and forecasted a huge score, than at any time on the tour. I had Ponsford missed at slip by Hammond & nearly bowled him twice and Richardson was never at home to me. For the third innings running, though I have bowled about the best of the side, I was not given a shot at the tail-enders: that Douglas gives them to the pros to keep their support. So much for the cricket, let's talk about something nice for a change. I went to a party last night and in order to keep the subject conversation off that subject we had a 1/- fine for anyone who brought it up. I now hear the B of Control's protest has gone so