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pg.3 in Sir Walter Allen - letters from George 'Gubby' Allen, 1932-33, 1936-371932-33, 1936-37

by Allen, Walter, Sir

of me bowling leg theory & bumpers. That is all nonsense. I will now tell you the a story of what occurred on the morning of the 2nd Test to prove that to you I didn't tell you last week as I thought you might worry but, as now the leg theory is dying & the trouble is therefore very unlikely to reoccur [recur]you need have no fears.
D.R.J. came to me and said the following. "I had a talk with the boys, Larwood & Voce, last night and they say it is all quite absurd you not bowling "bouncers" it is only they say it is only because you are keen on your popularity". Well! I burst and said (a good deal about swollen headed gutless uneducated miners and that if it had been a question only of brushed up by day & popularity I could have bowled "bouncers" years ago. I concluded by saying if he didn't like the way I