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Series 01: Frank Hurley sledging diary, 10 Nov. 1912 - 10 Jan. 1913, kept while a member of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914, together with an edited typescript transcript10 Nov. 1912 - 10 Jan. 1913

14th December 1.15 a.m. TEMP -9 We were very elated at the prospect of hauling a light sledge but only covered at the end of the day 12 miles. This was caused by the bad surface of pie-crust snow which broke through under our weight. Altitude now is about 5000 feet and the way lies still upward. We are following the magnetic needle to the pole or as near as we can get to it. Each day the dip shows scarcely any variation, yet there is no telling what the next 80 miles might have in store. DIP 89°11’ At camping time we came across an extraordinary snow ramp, 100 yards long and about 12 ft above the surrounding surface. In the front were great Sastrugi about 6 ft. high, hard & polished. The midnight sun, throwing its sidelight on the gave a weird effect. The usual Hoosh put us in good spirits & we are now turning in to our bags, to be ready for another hard day tomorrow or rather today. 15th December 1912, 1.30 a.m. Temp -16 Yesterdays heavy pull was not so severe as today. The temperature averaged well below zero all day & till 6 p.m. we had a cold 35 mph wind with drifts. Our breaths froze & accumulated in large lumps on the outside of our helmets while our whiskers, moustaches & beards froze to the inside. We travelled over shifting Sastrugi that overturned one sledge & ourselves