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Series 01: Frank Hurley sledging diary, 10 Nov. 1912 - 10 Jan. 1913, kept while a member of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914, together with an edited typescript transcript10 Nov. 1912 - 10 Jan. 1913

47° below freezing point & began to get nippy. Any I felt it a little owing to holes in the seat of my fleeces, which I have not had time to repair. We camped at 242 ms. 200 yds, having covered 14¼ miles our biggest run for a day so far. Temp. now (1.45 a.m.) is -21. 17 Decr. 1912 2.15 a.m. (18th) Again delightful weather. Started at 1.30 p.m. & had good surface till lunch 5 p.m. covered 7 miles. The surface After lunch Azimuth made a set of magnetic observations (dip 89°25’) so we did not move off till 8 p.m. The surface gradually became worse & from 10 miles we had to go along through the intolerable pie crust