Series 02: Petrel Papers: a weekly magazine issued on board the ship 'Parramatta' outward bound from London to Sydney, 1882-1883, Editor John Maffey, L.R.C.P., 18821882


opprobious names they could think of. In the twinkling of an eye they had pulled its whiskers out, and appropriated them to be placed in a silver amulet or charm to be worn on the arm or round the neck.
Upon examining the carcass we found my bullet had penetrated the lungs and heart from behind the shoulder so that death must have been almost instantaneous, and probably rendered A’s shot unnecessary. We soon has "Stripes" slung to the Bam-boo and made quite a triumphant party as we slowly returned to my Bungalow followed by an admiring crowd of men, wo-men and children, all yelling at the top of their voices. So ended my first day’s experience with a tiger. I may mention that the animal turned out to be a young tigress measuring 9 feet 3 inches from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The skin was a very perfect one, very well marked; I had it preserved & subsequently sent it home to one of my friends in England. 
"Victor Secundus"
14 Novr 1802
The Equatorial Sports.
Having crossed the line on Monday afternoon of the 6th of November, the usual Equatorial Sports were held on the main deck the following day, presenting some novel features to the landsmen and others making their first voyage. A start was made about 2 p.m. Mr Shardlow our indefatigable Chief Officer acting as Starter, Messrs Michael and