Series 02: Petrel Papers: a weekly magazine issued on board the ship 'Parramatta' outward bound from London to Sydney, 1882-1883, Editor John Maffey, L.R.C.P., 18821882


Odling being umpires.
The first event was The high Jump, for this there were 14 entries. The competition com-menced at 3 ft 6 in at which there were 3 or 4 failures – at 3ft 8in again came two mishaps. At 3ft 10 in four failures more reduced the contest to Messrs Puiches, Goddard, Field Ottewill, Leonard and Atkins. On the jump being raised to 4ft Ottewill failed and in two other attempts, misfortune still dogged him. 4 ft 1 in was then essayed. Atkins and Goddard here came to grief, but the latter on a renewed effort chased the ribbon pluckily. Puiches Ottewill, Leonard and Goddard all came to grief on the first attempt at 4ft 3in. On again coming up to the barrier Puiches balked & in a third effort carried the line away; then Field Leonard & Goddard each broke it down; but on a 3rd fly Field chased it in a magnificent force. Goddard again failing, Leonard then had a final chance & barefooted chased it in fine style taking the first prize. Longden & Deven then competed for Second place which the latter secured.
Hand over hand up a rope is an essentially sailor’s feat and requires a nautical training to perform it was not therefore to be wondered that few of the passengers were "in it" The first prize was taken by Crooks the Second by Neil Anderson. We ought to mention Deadly Night-shade (Mr Atkins) made a good third in this.
Foot to foot pull is another decidedly sailor-like affair, where the contest took place between fairly matched men a great deal of excitement was manifest-ed and much amusement – such was the case with Simmonds and Vincent who were very equally balanced, in the end Vincent however got the advantage & twice landed his opponent on the adverse side. Mr Baker & Mr Ottewill shewed some fine pulling. It seems to us that in settling the final heats however much more