Series 02: Petrel Papers: a weekly magazine issued on board the ship 'Parramatta' outward bound from London to Sydney, 1882-1883, Editor John Maffey, L.R.C.P., 18821882


Children’s Entertainment etc.
The children, on the afternoon of Wednesday the 8th November, assisted by the Misses Moulton & Brookes got up a small entertainment amongst themselves, in which they presented a series of "Tableau Vivants" which they designated "Waxworks". A space was screened off by the side of the lifeboat & a drop curtain managed by Messrs Sloper and Longdon shut off the space. Four scenes were given. The first representing their R.H’s the Princess Alice and Prince Leopold who were presented by Mabel and Reggie Maffey respectively. Next came "Sleeping Beauty" Renie Cunningham being the beauty and very lovely the little lady looked. Gertrude Brookes and Mabel Maffey being the Mother & old woman of the scene. This was followed by the Children in the Wood where they are surprised by the bear. Gertrude & May Brooks and Mabel Maffey being the children, & Reggie Maffey covered with a skin rug being the bear. The piece de resistance followed this, was a representation of the Royal Family of England. Gertrude Brookes bore the role of Her gracious Majesty wearing a diadem & holding a sceptre, the other children being the different members. Mabel Maffey as the princess Royal, Reggie Maffey the Prince of Wales, May Brookes the Princess of Wales whilst the others viz Renie & Sidney Cunningham & Edith Stalivass & Frieda Maffey filled up the remaining figures. The little folks sustained their parts admirably & fully maintained their parts throughout, seemingly much im-pressed with their dignity. 
On the conclusion of the entertainment Captain Goddard kindly set the youngsters to go through a series of athletic sports to their great delight & amusement, subsequently giving